Mens Horror Halloween Costumes

Halloween will soon be here once again and this year its going to be so much better than ever before! We take it you're keen to be seen in this year's latest mens horror Halloween costumes, so you've definitely come to the right place! Just take a look at the great selection of outfits below which are just perfect to be seen in at the all important fancy dress party that is sure to be organized. You'll want to look great and ensure that you're the center of attention, so make sure you choose a good one. If you're after that certain look these are some of the premier mens horror Halloween costumes available online and to make them even more desirable, they come at great discounted prices from a well established and respected online costume store that specializes in high quality Halloween costumes and accessories.

Dawn of the Dead Fly Boy™ Adult

Price: $24.97

Now you can bring one of the undead, from George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead™ to life, with this Fly Boy™ costume. Our Fly Boy™ licensed costume features a vinyl half mask and tatteredplaid shirt with vinyl wound detail.

Eva Skeleton

Price: $26.97

Sometimes it is just more fun to be totally scary! And what is scarier than a skeleton? Even other ghoulies, monsters and ghosties and things that go bump in the night bow before the well dressed skeleton and have no doubts about it that you will be WELL dressed in this Skeleton costume. Oh yes, no bones about it, you will definitely be a bone-rattling sight in this EVA Skeleton costume. This skeleton costume comes with an EVA mask and jumpsuit with EVA bones and EVA gloves. No bones about it, you will be the best dressed skeleton on the block and will blow away the competition. If to scare is your aim, then have no doubts that you will scare all your friends and guests away?And, hey, that can only add to the Halloween fun, right?! You'll be the hit of the Halloween parties in this comfortable and fun EVA Skeleton so don't hesitate to buy it today.

Mens Psycho Sushi Chef Costume

Price: $26.97

If you have even been to one of those Hibachi tables at a Japanese restaurant you have seen the knife wielding chefs who put on the show as they prepare your food. Well this is what happens when one of them gets a bit too overworked and loses his marbles. He'll use his expert slicing and dicing skills to make his new special, Teriyaki Body Parts with Rice. The Men's Psycho Sushi Chef Costume features a Kimono style chef jacket, a chef hat that says Psycho Sushi Chef on the front, a bloody knife and a bowl of gross fake sushi with an eyeball and a finger in it. This deluxe costume comes with everything you need. You can purchase the optional Zombie face makeup from us separately.

Mens Dr. Killer Driller Demist Costume

Price: $28.97

If you know anyone who is afraid of going to the dentist, make sure they see you in this scary costume. Then chase them around while making drilling sounds. Sounds mean but Halloween is all about fright, right? The Men's Dr. Killer Driller Dentist Costume will make your dentist phobic friends never want to go to the dentist again. The costume features a blood spattered dentist smock with the words Dr. Killer Dentist, Agonizing Pain Guaranteed screened on the pocket, a balding wig with crazy mad scientist style hair, an attached headband magnifier, bloody gloves and a set of EVA toy dental tools. Remind everybody not to eat too much candy or you'll be coming to get them.

Deluxe Grim Reaper Robe Adult Costume

Price: $28.97

Always the harbinger of bad news, this is the one instance where you should kill the messenger. Costume features a full-length hooded robe with oversized dramatic sleeves. Costume is fashioned in a heavy duty fabric.

Psycho Cannibal Costume

Price: $29.97

For anyone who's jealous of your costume choice, just tell them to eat their hearts out! The Cell Block Psycho Costume includes a printed jumpsuit, restraint mask and button release handcuffs.

The Mummy Costume Adult

Price: $29.97

Mummy, Mummy! How they'll love ya! How they'll love ya! The Mummy costume features a tattered hood, tattered shirt, pants and ties. They're sure to dig you!

Doomsday Prophet Robe Adult

Price: $29.97

You don't need a crystal ball to know that you'll be doomed to be the hit of the party in this Doomsday Prophet Robe. Our Doomsday Prophet Costume features a black felt hooded robe and belt.

Mens Night Stalker Costume

Price: $29.97

The Night Stalker roams the streets, a nameless, faceless man. He lurks silently in the shadows and as people walk by then can only wonder if they saw something out of the corner of their eye. He carefully plans his attack so that his victims never know what hit them. Then, he sneaks away unnoticed. That is the imagery people will think of when they see you in the Men's Night Stalker Costume. The costume features a dark gray raincoat, a black hat, gloves, a hood and a mask. This deluxe set included everything shown in the picture. Just put is on an you're ready to have a very scary Halloween.

Crypt Master Adult Costume

Price: $32.97

Here's the keeper of all stories horrific and terrifying. This master wants to torment the living. Costume features a poly robe with grommet and chain trim, character screen print, hood and skull mask.

Adult Metal Mayhem Costume

Price: $33.97

Move over Gene Simmons and Ozzy Osborne, there's a new demon rock god in town. Take performance rock to a spooky level never seen before. You won't need to bite the heads off bats or split your tongue to make a crowd go wild. The costume speaks for itself. The Adult Metal Mayhem Costume includes a blood splattered shirt, detachable shoulder armor, a pair of arm gauntlets and a chinless mask with straggly dark hair. The mask has white face with blackened eyes and dripping blood. The model in the picture is wearing makeup on his face and hands to match the half mask. You can buy the makeup separately here. To complete the costume you may want to get a prop guitar and funky platform rocker boots also sold separately.

Mens Chain Gang Mask and Costume

Price: $34.97

If you're look for a gruesome ghoul costume, our Chain Gang Mask and Costume are sure to be the gruesome twosome for you.

Mens Fly Costume

Price: $34.97

Finally, a cool bug costume for guys to wear. There's a giant creepy fly buzzing around the party and it's too big to swat. It's you! The Men's Fly Costume is a humongous version of the typical black house fly. The Fly costume includes a black tunic with attached wings and a mask with fly eyes. The mask looks opaque but it is very easy to see through and gives you a full range of vision, just like a fly. Wear this costume with simple black pants and a shirt. This costume looks as close to a real fly as you can get except that you won't have to regurgitate on other people's food every time you want something to eat..

Mens Demented Ventriloquists Dummy Costume

Price: $35.97

Ventriloquist dummies are just plain scary. They just stare at you with their dead eyes and you can imagine how that creepy block of wood comes to life all by itself when the ventriloquist puts it away at night. This is what happens when the dummy goes crazy. The Men's Demented Ventriloquist Dummy Costume features a tuxedo with a jacket, pants, ruffle shirt front, red cummerbund and a bow tie. The jacket says Demented Dummy on the pocket. The tell-tale feature of this costume is the really creepy dummy mask which has plastic hair, scary eyes with dark circles and wooden features. You can purchase a knife and fake blood like shown, separately.

Mens Midnight Slasher Costume

Price: $35.97

The Midnight Slasher is a psychopathic killer on the loose. He comes out on Halloween night so he can blend in among all the other costumed party goers. If you see someone dressed like him, be wary. The Men's Midnight Slasher Costume features a full black robe with a high collar and an attached capelet. The costume also includes the prop chain and hook shown. You can add other accessories like zombie makeup, a scary wig or mask. Visit the Hats, Wigs and Masks sections as well as the Accessories section at Costume Discounters for items that will make this costume your own.

Executioner Adult Plus Costume

Price: $35.97

You'll kill them in style with this Executioner Costume. Costume features an eye mask, hooded robe and belt with attached chains.

Evil Jester Adult Costume

Price: $35.97

Even someone evil needs a little amusement from time to time. This Diamond Wicked Chamber Jester is outfitted in a white and black double knit poly shirt, pants, belt, headpiece and mask.

Adult Punk Zombie Adult Costume

Price: $35.97

This zombie's back from the dead and ready to spread some fear. Features a 1/2 mask with spiked Mohawk, leather-look jacket with chest piece detailed with blood and boney ribcage. Also featured are a collar and spiked cuffs.

Ghostly Gentleman Adult Costume

Price: $35.97

Become a haunted spirit from the days of yore! Costume includes a hat, neck scarf, and 3/4 length jacket.

Phantom Adult Costume

Price: $36.97

Become the haunted musical genius from the popular classic Phantom of the Opera. Costume includes gold thread trimmed hat with attached mask and cape.

Wicked Jester Adult Costume

Price: $36.97

Even someone evil needs a little amusement from time to time. This Wicked Chamber Jester is outfitted in a red and black double knit poly shirt, pants, belt, headpiece and mask.

Mens Skeleton Groom Costume

Price: $37.97

The Skeleton Groom is ready for his big day but he has cold feet, not because he's nervous but because he's dead. The Men's Skeleton Groom Costume features a black tail coat with screen printed bones on the arms. The vest has printed skull details as well as rib and vertebrae. You'll also get the black top hat and a collar with an attached bow tie. The makeup is not included but you can achieve this look with one of our color palette makeup kits. Now all you need to do is search the cemetery for your bride. To make this a couple's costume, the Women's Skeleton Bride costume is sold separately.

Mens Zombie Prom King Costume

Price: $38.97

Something terrible happened at the prom tonight. There must have been something in the punch because all of the students turned into zombies. When the king and queen of the prom were crowned they danced to Michael Jackson's Thriller. How romantic. Getting home past curfew is the least of their problems now. The Men's Zombie Prom King costume includes the ruffled shirt, blue tux, bowtie and even comes with a vial of blood and a make up kit to create your zombie look.

Mens Psycho Clown Costume

Price: $38.97

The Men's Psycho Clown Costume is very scary. Many people are afraid of ordinary happy clowns. Imagine how they will feel seeing you dressed in the Men's Psycho Clown Costume. As the Psycho Clown, your costume will include a black and white clown shirt and pants. The a top has a collar with attached skulls around it. The creepy clown mask has grey skin, black lips and terrifying eyes. The attached curly red hair it the only telltale sign that this psycho clown may have been ordinary at one time, before he became a freak. The white gloves are sold separately.

Adult Mad Scientist Costume

Price: $39.97

You can experiment with all different looks, but they don't come much more crazy than this mad scientist outfit to really get the party into full swing!

Adult Slipknot Uniform Costume

Price: $39.97

This is the perfect costume for all you Slipknot fans. Pair this Slipknot costume with one of our Slipknot masks and transform yourself into your favorite band musician.

Dr. Illheart Adult Costume

Price: $39.97

Bring one of Brom's™ creations to life with this Dr. Illheart™ costume. Costume includes a black lab coat with printed emblems, character mask and boot tops.

Undead Stalker Adult

Price: $39.97

Be the scary success of the party when you show up in this! Even the undead can make a great and stylish appearance when you wear this great simple costume. The main piece is a long black overcoat with faux-leather straps across the chest. The shoulders are also reinforced with that material to add some strength and protection while this zombie stalks his prey. The coat even has lots of cobwebs strewn about to add another layer of scariness to this entire costume. Armbands are worn at the wrists to secure the sleeves of the wearer as he hunts for the living. The completing touch of this costume is a tall top hat with a large brooch in the center as a finishing touch. The cobwebs make another appearance here to show that the zombie has really come a long way to find his next victim.

Werewolf Adult Costume

Price: $44.97

Howl at the moon when you transform into a werewolf. This costume features a ripped plaid shirt, claw like gloves and brown wolf mask with fangs and ears.

Zombie Doctor Adult Costume

Price: $44.97

Here comes the doctor of the living dead! The Zombie Doctor costume features a blood-splattered lab coat, a shirt with PVC rotting chest, a pant with a rotted knee, zombie mask, latex gloves, surgical cap and mask.

Werewolf Adult Medium Large Costume

Price: $44.97

Howl at the moon when you transform into a werewolf. This costume features a ripped plaid shirt clawlike gloves and brown wolf mask with fangs and ears.

Skeleton Zombie Adult Costume

Price: $44.97

You'll be able to scare the bajeebers out of everyone in this Skeleton Zombie Costume. This Skeleton Costume features a skeleton mask with gauze, a shirt and pants with gauze and bones. Gloves are also included.

Mens Skeleton Sweatshirt Hoodie

Price: $44.97

Our Mens Skeleton Sweatshirt Hoodie is ideal for the man who doesn't like intricate costumes. With our hoodie all you have to do is put it on and zipit up! Make no bones about it, this was designed with you in mind.

Mens Full Moon Madness Werewolf Costume

Price: $44.97

In addition to being very frightening, this deluxe werewolf costume has something that no other can match - an ani-motion mask that moves its mouth and lips when you do. No makeup or accessories are needed. This costume includes a shirt that is shredded at the sleeves and on the bottom. Attached to the shirt are large patches of gray faux fur that covers your chest, torso and arms. The mask has gray fur and realistic details. Just look at the intense and ferocious expression in the werewolf's face. Its snarling snout exposes giant, razor sharp fangs that are ready to tear the flesh off an unfortunate soul. You can really scare the heck out of your friends, especially when you let out a howl and the mask appears to come to life! You can wear this costume with your own jeans and sneakers because they are not included.

Deluxe Beast Wings And Chest Piece Adult Costume

Price: $45.97

Wear these Deluxe Beast Wings and Chest Piece along or pair them withour Beast Horns with Teeth for an incredible costume. Just pull down on the strings to open the wings. Wings expand to 8 ft.

Adult The Wicked of Oz Skarecrow Costume

Price: $47.97

The Wicked of Oz Skarecrow is the perfect companion for the evil Cowardly Lion at every Halloween event. It puts a frightening spin on a classic beloved character just for the grown-ups. This very scary costume looks complex but is only one easy-to-wear piece. It certainly isn't your usual scarecrow costume! The olive green pants are blood-stained with some eerie red stitching along the outside of the left leg. Tufts of "hay" are coming out of the bottom below the knee of the pants, the arms and sleeves of the top, and peeking through more stitching across the chest. The final spooky touch comes in the headpiece which has more red stitching across the scarecrow's eyes. His mouth was almost sewn shut but is still open, and the entire thing is topped off with a tattered and bloody grey hat. Be the most frightening scarecrow ever in this costume! Note: The crow is not included.

Adult Meat Man Costume

Price: $49.97

Have a bone to pick? Worried about having anothercostume butchered? Worry no more. Our Meat Man Costume is sure to meat your highest expectations.

Jeeves, The Headless Butler Adult Costume

Price: $49.97

Poor Jeeves, he tries so hard to be a good butler, but let's face it, he's a bit absent minded. Costume features a headless butler jacket with attached dickey and see-through collar, pants, vinyl headpiece and inflatable shoulder components.

**Adult Deluxe Black Jester Costume

Price: $49.97

If you're looking to be a jester with a little extra twist, then our Deluxe Twisted Jester is the ideal costume for you.

Adult Deluxe Cryptic Rocker Costume

Price: $54.97

Party like you're never gonna die! As the Cryptic Rocker, not even death can stop the show. Rock your way from the stage to the grave dressed in the Adult Deluxe Cryptic Rocker Costume. The costume features a tattered black and gray jacket with a skeleton printed shirt. The zombie crypt keeper mask resembles an aging, rotting corpse with a mix of skeleton and flesh-like features. The black top hat has attached curly black hair. The mask only goes to your chin so if you want to achieve the look shown in this image you may want to consider adding the zombie makeup kit. You can also use a makeup kit to put the skeleton look on your hands. You can buy a play guitar and other rocker accessories separately. The pants are not included.

Mens Deluxe Wicked White Rabbit Costume

Price: $57.97

If you thought Wonderland was a crazy place then you should see the demented characters of Wicked Wonderland. In Wicked Wonderland the Wicked White Rabbit is late for an important date. Its certain to be a tea party that you won't soon forget. The Men's Deluxe Wicked White Rabbit Costume comes with a jacket with vest, pants, jabot, mask and hat. The mask looks like that of a crazy, rabid demon rabbit with bug-eyes and a mouthful of razor sharp teeth.

Mens Headless Butler Costume

Price: $59.97

The Headless Butler used to be the Head Butler but the master of the house didn't think that he was going a very good job. He ordered the chef to chop off his head with a meat cleaver. Now the butler haunts the mansion carrying his decapitated head on a silver platter. The Men's Headless Butler costume is as scary as it is funny. The costume includes a jacket, pants, tray and the inflatable harness that supports the costume. Your head goes through a hole in the chest of the jacket, giving the appearance that your chopped off head is on the platter.

Mens Alien Costume Adult

Price: $59.97

Our Alien Costume is definitely out of this world and a great choice for science fiction fans.

Mens Night Fiend Costume

Price: $59.97

If you want to be a scary monster for Halloween, it doesn't get much scarier than this. The Men's Night Fiend Costume comes with a long, double breasted coat and hideous, oversized, claw-like hands with wrinkled gray flesh and long black nails. The mask features a bald head, evil eyes, pointed ear and vampire-like fangs. The most terrifying thing about this costume, aside from the sight of it is the fact that the mouth moves. The mask is equipped with Ani-Motion technology that allows the mouth and lips to move when you do. This adds to the realism and puts it at the top of the list of super scary Halloween costumes.

Mens Zombie Hunter Costume

Price: $59.97

The Men's Zombie Hunter Costume turns you into a bounty hunter for zombie. Killing Zombies is a tough job and requires the skills of a specialist. You have the tools and the guts to rid the world of the flesh eating undead. The Men's Zombie Hunter costume comes with the full length duster jacket with an attached cape, an olive green Zombie Hunter T-shirt, a bullet belt to wear over your shoulder, a hat and best of all, the Zombie Killing Axe with the bloody Zombie head sheath. The sunglasses and the rifle are not included but you can buy them separately. You can also purchase fake blood that will add to the realism of your Zombie Hunter Halloween costume.

Twisted Jester Plus Costume

Price: $59.97

If you're looking to be a jester with just a little twist, then our Twisted Jester is the ideal costume for you. This Jester Costume includes a siny black/matte black top, pants, tie belt, gloves, collar and jester mask with attached hat.

Bobble Head Reaper Costume

Price: $59.97

This Bobble Head Reaper costume is BIG TIME SCARY! Costume includes a full-cut robe with drape sleeves, an oversize hood with collar, gloves, belt and a giant, lightweight head with bobble eyes and interior elastic head support.

Big Frank Adult Monster Costume

Price: $59.97

Everybody loves somebody sometime, but everybody will love you when you do it your way in our Big Frank costume.

Mens Deluxe Wicked Mad Hatter Costume

Price: $64.97

The Men's Deluxe Wicked Mad Hatter Costume is from the Wicked Wonderland costume collection. This crazed Mad Hatter is just one of the demented guests and a very bizarre tea party. If you're looking for a sick twist on the typical Mad Hatter costume then you'll love this green monster-like Mad Hatter. The Wicked Mad Hatter costume includes a black coat, a hat and pants with a crazy gear pattern, and a hideous green mask with a big nose and bulging eyes.

Troll Adult Costume

Price: $67.97

Become a mystical troll, or haunted soothsayer. Over-sized mask with attached beard, robe and hands are featured.

Broms Dr. Phobic Adult Costume

Price: $69.97

Bring one of Brom's creations to live with this Dr. Phobic costume. This Dr. Phoebic costume features a coat, cravat with medallion, top hat, character mask with attached hair and character hands. Walking cane not included.

Grim Reaper Elite Adult Costume

Price: $71.97

Don't Fear the Reaper - not!!!! He's tall, grim, scary and absolutely menacing. Instead of a face, he has a skull and carries a scythe to harvest souls. He works for Death and is one of its main manifestations - yep, it's the Grim Reaper. Wear this Adult Elite Grim Reaper Costume and scare everyone who sees you! It features a fully finished garment that includes a full length oversized black robe with zipper in back. Black velvet collar, a separate Black velvet hood with attached cape, and a long Black velvet belt tie. Also includes a plastic scythe and a pair of white gloves. You'll frighten everyone so be careful if you wear this to pass out candy - you don't want to scare the kids. On the other hand, it's a great costume for a Halloween party that will make all the souls attending shiver in fear when you try to cultivate their acquaintance!

Broms Rats Den Adult Costume

Price: $73.97

Bring one of Brom's creations to life with this Rat's Den licensed costume. This Rat's Den costume features a robe with attached cape, character mask with attached hair and character hands.

Mega Demon Adult Costume

Price: $79.97

Halloween will be MEGA-fun this year! This gruesomely detailed mask makes a BIG impact. Costume includes an over-sized, over-the-head mask, robe, and over-sized hands.

Mega Football Fatality Adult Costume

Price: $79.97

Halloween will be MEGA-fun this year! This gruesomely detailed mask makes a BIG impact. Costume includes an over-sized, over-the-head mask, robe, and over-sized hands.

Wonderful Wizard Adult Costume

Price: $84.97

Tower over your friends in a costume over 7-ft. tall! Mask with attached and hair and beard robe and satchel accessory are all inclusive.

Butcher Adult Costume

Price: $89.97

Halloween will be BIG fun this year! Become a bloody butcher right out of their worst nightmare. This gruesomely detailed mask makes a BIG impact. Costume includes an over-sized over-the-head mask shirt apron and glove with attached knife and axe.

Mens Elite Graveyard Groom Costume

Price: $89.97

Most grooms are frightened on their wedding day but few are frightening. This scary looking groom is ready to take the plunge, six feet under, that is. The Men's Elite Graveyard Groom costume features a shirt with skeleton printing, an attached bow tie, a lace covered cummerbund, a tailcoat with printed graphic details and skull buttons and top hat with attached fabric mask. The optional fabric mask is attached to the hat and can be worn down or tucked in hat. The mask is breathable and allows vision. This costume can be worn alone or as a couple's costume paired with the Women's Elite Graveyard Groom Costume, sold separately.

Abominable Snowman Adult Costume

Price: $94.97

While most people will continue to search the great mystery of the Abominable Snowman (Yeti), your search has ended with this incredible Abominable Snowman Costume.

Mens Grey Timberwolf Costume

Price: $97.97

The Men's Grey Timberwolf costume can be worn as the ultimate werewolf costume. The full mask has amazing detail. The facial features and snarling and angry. It has a mouth full of razor sharp fangs. Its ears are pointed and alert. The mask is expertly covered in grey fur that blends into the fur of the timberwolf jumpsuit. The costume also includes gnarled hands with long, black claws. This is a high quality costume that requires no make-up or extra accessories. It is ready to wear right out of the box. Start practicing your timberwolf howl and get ready to scare the life out of your friends this Halloween.

Mens Premier Witch Doctor

Price: $99.97

A Witch Doctor is one who cures ailments caused by witch's spells and voodoo curses. When you dress in the Men's Premier Witch Doctor costume you will be just the person people need to see on Halloween night. With all the witches around your services should be in high demand. The Men's Premier Witch Doctor Costume features a tunic top with an animal print collar, A fur trimmed cape with a bone and tooth cape chain, a hat with a raffia and leopard print band, leopard print arm cuffs and a belt with vinyl skulls and teeth. The makeup is not included but you can buy a variety of zombie or skeleton makeup kits from us to achieve the look shown.

When you see an item that you want, simply click the image in the selection above to visit the vendor's info page to get more details. In addition, you'll find a wide range the very best in all kinds of outfits, masks, makeup and accessories for Halloween.