Kids Classic Halloween Costumes

Halloween wouldn't be the same without some really great kids classic halloween costumes for them to wear when they go out on trick or treat. So let's give you the chance to check out some great costumes online at really great prices from this well known and respected online vendor of Halloween costumes. The costumes have been divided up into those for boys and those for girls, just to make it easier to choose.

Out of Date or Redundant Items:

Boys Unknown Phantom Costume

Price: $12.97

The Boy's Unknown Phantom costume looks like the grim reaper. He wears a black cloak with a tie belt and jagged edges on the sleeves and bottom. The costume's main feature is the terrifying invisibility hood. An invisibility hood is a face mask that you can see out of but no one can see in. This makes the costume really scary. It will make you look like a faceless phantom and everyone will wonder how you are able to see where you are going. You can tell them that the grim reaper has possessed you with special powers. This costume needs no accessories but if you want the sickle that is shown in the image, it is sold separately.

Boys Deadly Surgeon Costume

Price: $14.97

Dr. Death is ready for his next patient. Unfortunately every one of his patients seem to die on the operating table. Perhaps he should move his operating room to the morgue. As he sharpens his scalpel in preparation for his next victim, err, patient you can see the look of evil in his eyes. The Boys Deadly Surgeon Costume features a long, blood soaked lab coat and a bloody surgical mask. Beware: this costume does not come with medical malpractice insurance.

Childs Alien Costume

Price: $18.97

This is one costume that is truly out of this world!

Undead Stalker Child

Price: $19.97

He's come from down under, and we don't mean Australia, to haunt and taunt. This Undead Stalker Costume includes a tall hat, a detailed overcoat and armbands.

Spike Child

Price: $19.97

Named for his spiky Mohawk, you won't see this clown at your birthday party. Features a 1/2 mask with painted clown face and Mohawk, printed logo shirt, two studded gloves and one studded wristband.

Boys Emperor of Evil Costume

Price: $22.97

The Boy's Emperor of Evil looks like a ghostly alien creature you might see as the bad guy in a child's action adventure series. The eerie costume features a black robe with an oversized hood and an attached cape with jagged edges. The robe has a purple drape and a purple belt. The mask is of a silver alien skull with multiple horns and sharp teeth. The round medallion with the five point star in the center as well as the black gloves are also included. The Boy's Emperor of Evil costume is a deluxe set that comes with everything shown. To make the mask appear seamless you have the option of adding black or purple face makeup, sold separately.

Soultaker Boys Costume

Price: $22.97

It's a grim future when this stalker of souls appears in your life. This horrific costume features a poly robe with attached hood and over-sized skull mask.

Werewolf Child Costume

Price: $22.97

Who's afraid of the big, bad werewolf? Everybody!!! Our Werewolf costume features a muscle torso jumpsuit with mask.

Boys Zombie Rocker Costume

Price: $24.97

They say Rock and Roll will never die and looking at this costume we'll have to agree. The undead Boys Zombie Rocker Costume will have you jamming for all eternity. Rock out zombie style with this 3 piece set. The costume includes a blood stained skull T-shirt, a pair of tattoo sleeves that make you look like you're tattooed from the wrists to the upper arm and a half mask with attached long, black hair. A half mask covers the nose but not the mouth. Using makeup on the lower portion of your face to match the mask is optional.

Boys Rap Star Zombie Costume

Price: $24.97

Rap is Undead, or at least the shirt says so. You'll be bustin rhymes and layin down the beat Halloween style as a Rapstar Zombie. The Rap Star Zombie Costume includes an oversized, tattered Zombie shirt that says "Rap is Undead" and a half mask with attached hair. A half mask only goes as low as your upper lip, giving you the freedom to speak and breath easily. Pair this costume with your own baggy pants and add some bling and a mic like the ones shown here.

Demon Rider Child

Price: $24.97

Own the roads as a member of the horrific Dead City Choppers. The costume features a demon skull mask with pointy ears and black beanie with skull printed on the front. Also featured are a pleather jacket with vinyl demon skull on shoulder, attached chain

Death Rider Child

Price: $24.97

Own the roads as a member of the horrific Dead City Choppers. The costume features a human skull mask and black beanie with skull printed on the front. Also featured are a pleather jacket with EVA studded shoulder pad with spikes, Dead City Choppers logo on the front of the costume.

Zombie Skate Punk Childrens Costume

Price: $24.97

Return from the dead and thrash the half pipe. This punk is ready to go with a 3/4 mask with blue mohawk, studded choker, zombie body shirt, shorts and studded gloves.

Skeleton Child Costume

Price: $24.97

This skeleton jumpsuit and gloves features a full body of 3-D molded bones and an Action Jaw mask that cowls.

Boys Dr. Killer Driller Dentist Costume

Price: $25.97

If you're son is afraid to go to the dentist this may not be the costume for him, but if he realizes that other people are afraid, he can use it to his advantage. The Boy's Dr. Killer Driller Dentist Costume comes with a bloody dentist's coat that says, "Dr. Killer Driller, Agonizing Pain Guaranteed" on the pocket. It also includes a baldy headpiece with attached mad scientist hair, a band with a magnifier and fake plastic tools. The makeup and the large drill are not included. This is a humorous yet scary costume. Chase the scaredy-cats with your tools and tell them to open wide.

Punk Zombie Child

Price: $26.97

Return from the dead rockin and wreaking havoc. Featuring a vinyl hat with spiked mohawk, leather-look jacket with zombie chest piece and patches on the sleeve. Also features a collar and cuffs.

Metal Skull Biker Child

Price: $26.97

Own the roads as a member of the horrific Dead City Choppers. The costume features a metal skull mask with attached black beanie with. Also featured is a pleather jacket with shoulder pads with spikes, and studded wristbands.

Boys Deluxe Ghost Costume

Price: $27.97

Wooooo! This ghoulish ghost is a terrifying sight. Shrouded in white with a deathly hollow face this costume is certain to illicit screams from everyone who sees it. Boys will love to wear this Deluxe Ghost Costume for its high rated fear factor. The costume features a tattered white robe and a full hood mask. Beware dark corners and doorways because he's going to love every opportunity he get to scare the bajeezas out of you. BOOOO!

Boys Rot N Rockers Hard Rock Costume

Price: $28.97

From the Tween Boys Rot N Rockers collection we bring you the Boy's Rot N Rocker Hard Rock Costume. This costume is perfect for older boys who don't want to dress up like superheroes or pirates. Let your child's unique personality come through. Just like most boys his age, he probably loves all things gory and gross. He probably also loves his iPod. Put the two things together and turn them into a Halloween costume and this is what you get. The Boy's Rot N Rockers Hard Rock costume features a black ripped jacked with an attached gray shirt, a black tie with red flame print, a black cap and a really gross and scary zombie mask with yellow eyes, gray flesh and bloody scars. Pants and shoes are not included.

Boys Werewolf Costume

Price: $28.97

The Boy's Werewolf Costume will scare all the kids, especially if your son practices his best werewolf howl. The costume includes a vinyl chinless mask, a shirt with realistic graphics showing tears, a fur covered chest and dripping blood and a pair of fingerless fur covered gloves. Since the mask is chinless, the model in the image is shown wearing werewolf face makeup to make the look more seamless. You can purchase easy to use werewolf makeup at Costume Discounters. Wear this costume with a favorite pair of old torn blue jeans and he'll be howling at the Halloween moon all night long.

Evil Outlaw Child Costume

Price: $28.97

Most outlaws are bad, but this outlaw is down right evil! The Evil Outlaw Costume includes a long black coat, vest, skull printed neckerchief, cowboy hat and fingerless gloves.

Child Zombie Lab Tech Costume

Price: $29.97

This Zombie Lab Tech costume is a real BLAST! Costume features a lab coat, shirt with attached tie and a vinyl mask and vinyl chest.

Crypt Master Child Costume

Price: $29.97

He's the keeper of all stories horrific and terrifying. This master wants to torment the living. Costume features a poly robe with grommet and chain trim, character screen print, hood and skull mask.

Wicked Jester Child Costume

Price: $31.97

Even someone evil needs a little amusement from time to time. This Wicked Chamber Jester is outfitted in a red and black double knit poly shirt, pants, belt, headpiece and mask.

Boys Monster Creation Costume

Price: $31.97

This costume is gross - that means that your kid is gonna LOVE it! The Boy's Monster Creation Costume is the best gory costume in our 2010 line. It features a green jacket with an attached shirt. The shirt appears to have a tear across the chest with an exposed bloody heart. If that's not scary enough, here is the gross part - the heart beats! Your child controls the heart with a hand held pump. The costume also comes with a creepy green monster mask with sagging flesh, bloody stitches and metal bolts sticking out of its forehead. You can add to the fright with makeup for your face and hands. This Monster Creation costume is going to freak out all the kids on the block! It's this type of scary fun that Halloween is all about.

Totally Skelebones Child Costume

Price: $31.97

This walking bag of bones will be sure to send chills done backs. Costume features a jumpsuit with full skeleton printed on front complete with feet and hands, mask with skull shroud, gloves and boot tops.

Zombie Corpse Child Costume

Price: $32.97

Back from the dead, this zombie is tired of being worm food. This frightening costume is all inclusive featuring a top and pants with sewn in body parts showing through, skull mask with rotting eye sockets, wig and rotted hand gloves.

Zombie Doctor Child Costume

Price: $32.97

Back from the dead and looking to surgically replace some of his body parts. This zombie doctor features a lab coat with blood smears, shirt with PVC chest of guts and bones, pants with rotted knees, zombie mask, surgical mask and cap and latex glove stain.

Evil Jester Child Costume

Price: $32.97

Even someone evil needs a little amusement from time to time. This Diamond Wicked Chamber Jester is outfitted in a white and black double knit poly shirt, pants, belt, headpiece and mask.

Boys Bonehead Costume

Price: $33.97

Is this what happens when you wipe out a bit too hard on your skateboard? No, this is what happens when you take a zombie and give him a skateboard. This is an awesome costume for teen guys who don't think its cool to get all dressed up in Halloween costumes like they did when they were younger. The Boy's Bonehead Costume features a black hoodie with skulls screen printed on the front, a half mask with gruesome skeleton features and fingerless skeleton gloves. The great part of this costume is that you wear it with your favorite pair of jeans. Skateboard not included.

Boys Rot N Rockers Shock Rock Costume

Price: $33.97

Move over Marilyn Manson, there is a new Shock Rocker around. This is a crazy costume for guys who love heavy metal and punk rock as well as all things scary. The Boys Rot N Rockers Shock Rock Costume is one part rock star, one part zombie, one part scary and one part totally awesome. The Shock Rock costume features a zombie military jacket with an attached shirt and a half mask which has crazy eyes, grey skin and attached hair. The pants, boots, microphone and face and hand makeup are not included but for your convenience you can buy them at Costume Discounters and make your Shock Rock costume a real show stopper.

Childs Punk Creep Costume

Price: $34.97

Our Punk Creep costume was designed by taking some of the most iconic characteristics from popular music genres and putting them together for a complete new look. Rock on!

Zombie Child Costume

Price: $34.97

The walking dead has never looked so good! Our Zombie costume features a blood stained jacked, a blood stained shirt with attached tie, and a zombie mask and chest.

Skeleton Zombie Child Costume

Price: $34.97

You'll be able to scare the bajeebers out of everyone in this Skeleton Zombie Costume. This Skeleton Costume features a skeleton mask with gauze, a shirt with gauze and a chestpiece and pants with gauze and bones. Glove are also included.

Boys Psycho Clown Costume

Price: $35.97

They call this costume psycho because it looks crazy and when it gets dark out it becomes crazy scary! The Boy's Psycho Clown Costume features a black and white striped shirt and pants. The shirt has skulls around the collar. The crazy, psycho part of this costume is the terrifying clown mask with zombie-like features and wild red clown hair. Its frightening enough in the light but when you turn the lights out the Psycho mask and all the skulls on the shirt glow in the dark. This will scare everybody to bits, making it a costume that boys will love to wear.

Boys Skeleton Sweatshirt Hoodie

Price: $38.97

Our Boys Skeleton Sweatshirt Hoodie is ideal for the boy who doesn't like complex costumes. With our hoodie all you have to do is put it on and zip it up! Make no bones about it, this was designed with you in mind.

Boys Hazmat Hazard Costume

Price: $38.97

Oh no! This guy got himself into a bit of trouble. He was sent to clean up a toxic spill and fell in a vat of radioactive acid. Now he is a disfigured monster. Everywhere he goes, people run screaming at the sight of him. This is a great Halloween costume. It has grossness, fear factor and attention to detail. The Boy's Hazmat Hazard Costume features a yellow hazmat bodysuit with patches of pretend toxic dirt. It has a detached hood and a vinyl mask with a scarred and disfigured face. The Hazmat Hazard costume also includes the gloves and the printed sleeve. Have fun scaring your friends and neighbors in this awesome costume.

Bobble Head Reaper Costume

Price: $39.97

This Bobble Head Reaper costume is BIG TIME SCARY! Costume includes a full-cut robe with drape sleeves, an oversize hood with collar, gloves, belt and a giant, lightweight head with bobble eyes and interior elastic head support.

Demon Of War Child Costume

Price: $39.97

This demon believes in making war not love. But, you'll love this wickedly cool costume. Our Demon of War costume features a robe, hood with face cover, LED lighted demon eyes, medallion and demon horns.

Childs Cryptic Rocker Costume

Price: $39.97

Our Cryptic Rocker costume was designed by taking some of the most iconic characteristics from popular music genres and putting them together for a complete new look. Rock on!

Childs Bobble Head Ghost Face Costume

Price: $39.97

This licensed Bobble Head Ghost Face Costume with its menacing GIGANTIC head is sure to elicit lots of SCREAMS. Costume features a black robe, hood with collar, gloves, belt, lightweight head with comfortable interior elastic head support.

Childs Jumbo Punk Zombie Costume

Price: $39.97

Nobody will want to mess around with you in this great Punk Zombie Costume, but no doubt you'll be a BIG hit!

Child Werewolf Costume

Price: $42.97

Who's afraid of the big bad werewolf? Everyone! This cool costume includes a plaid shirt, gloves and full over-the-head mask. COMES IN GREY ONLY.

Childs Transylvania Vampire Costume

Price: $43.97

You'll go absolutely batty over our Transylvania Vampire Costume. Sink your teeth into this role and have a bloody good time.

Boys Zombie Hunter Costume

Price: $45.97

It takes a special kind of hunter to kill something that is already dead. No matter how many times you shoot a zombie they just keep getting up. You need to call in a professional - a Zombie Hunter. The Boys Zombie Hunter Costume is a deluxe ensemble that comes with 5 pieces. The costume features a jacket with an attached cape, a Zombie Hunter T-shirt, a bounty hunter hat, a bullet belt and a killer axe with a zombie sheath. The costume in the image has been splattered with blood. The blood is not included with your costume but you can buy fake blood here. You can also purchase a rifle similar to the one shown. Wear this costume with your own jeans and you have a creative Halloween costume that will make you look really cool.

Boys Deluxe Ghostly Gent Costume

Price: $94.97

The ghostly gent spends his time haunting the halls of the Victorian mansion where his took his last breath. There he searches for his lost love and spends his time spooking the residents. As the Ghostly Gent your son can haunt every house at which he trick or treats this Halloween. The Boy's Deluxe Ghostly Gent Costume features a white tailcoat with tattered edges and sleeves. The crushed velvet vest has attached shirt sleeves. The costume also includes a dickey with an attached scarf, a white top hat, gloves and a grey Victorian era long wig. This deluxe costume has everything needed to make the costume complete.

Staked Vampire Child Costume

Price: $19.97

Make no mis-stake, if dressing up as a vampire is something you can really sink your teeth into, then this Staked Vampire is the ideal costume for you. This vampire costume includes a vest with attached sleeves and shirt ruffle, cape with attached collar and vinyl stake.

Boys Prince of Darkness Costume

Price: $25.97

The Prince of Darkness is the evil vampire that stalks his prey in the night before retreating to his coffin before day breaks. This is his costume of choice when the moon is full. The Boys Prince of Darkness Costume includes a black and red vest with a bat print. The shirt is attached to the vest and has a dickey with an attached ascot and pin. A cape with black on the outside and red on the inside has an attached collar and clips to the vest. You can dress this costume up or down depending on the type of pants you wear with it. It is shown dressed down with casual jeans but you can make if formal with black dress slacks.

Boys Vampire Be Slayed Costume

Price: $31.97

This vampires has been slayed! A vampire slayer has driven a wooden stake through his heart. This unique costume depicts the final battle of the vampire. His cape and clothing is in tatters and a bloody stake is sticking out from his chest. The Boy's Vampire Be Slayed Costume is unlike all the other vampire costumes. It includes a cape, vest and shirt combo, an ascot and pants too. But the best part of the costume is the vinyl stake that is attached to the vest. It looks exactly like a wooden stake that is covered in blood. The blood is also dripped down the vest for added realism. You can buy vampire makeup and fake blood to make this costume even more spooky. The Vampire Be Slayed costume takes the vampire concept to a whole new level and the fright factor is what Halloween is all about.

Boys Transylvanian Vampire Costume

Price: $31.97

The Boy's Transylvanian Vampire Costume has all the features of the classic vampire costumes seen in old black and white movies. This costume is for boys who love a sense of the dramatic. The costume features a black cape that is red on the underside. It has the classic high vampire collar and a gold chain clip to keep it on. The costume also include a white shirt with a black and red vest that has gold buttons and a pocket chain; plus the black dress pants. This costume is made deluxe by the addition of the vampire medallion with a red velvet ribbon. All of these pieces come with this Boy's Transylvanian Vampire Costume.

Boys Rockin Vampire Costume

Price: $37.97

You'll have a great time sinking your teeth into the role of a Rockin' Vampire with this fun-tastic Vampire Costume.

Child Midnight Vampire Costume

Price: $44.97

If you believe being a vampire is a role that you would enjoy sinking your teeth into, then our Midnight Vampire costume is sure to please.

Elite Gothic Vampire Child Costume

Price: $79.97

A Gothic Vampire is a character that you can surely sink your teeth into.

Costumes for Girls

Shimmering Spirit Child Costume

Price: $22.97

Girls Skeleton Bride Costume

Price: $31.97

This may not be the bridal gown you imagined you daughter would wear to march down the aisle so thank goodness it is just for Halloween. This is an unusual costume if you are looking for something a bit edgy while still being feminine. The Girl's Skeleton Bride Costume features a white dress with a white mesh fishnet overlay and tattered sleeves and hemline. Skeleton ribs are printed on the front of the dress as well as a red embroidered heart. The dress also has a veil hood, and a silver chain belt with a heart lock. The costume is shown here with black flowers and tights which are not included but sold here separately. You can pair this costume with black shoes or boots or white ones. You can also use skeleton face makeup to make this costume even more Halloween-ish.

Girls Deluxe Ghostly Lady Costume

Price: $97.97

The Ghostly Lady costume is imaged after what many ghost hunters have claimed to see in haunted Victorian mansions. A vision in white that walks the halls not knowing she is deceased. She searches for her lost love and cannot cross over until they reunite. Help her find her beau. Wear the Girls Deluxe Ghostly Lady Costume and let her see the light. The Ghostly Lady costume features a white tattered and torn dress with crushed velvet, satin and lace, a petticoat, a hat with torn lace, white gloves and a grey Victorian era wig. This deluxe costume covers every detail.

Red Hot Child Costume

Price: $19.97

She may look like a devil but this girl is all charm on the inside. Or does she just want you to think that? Costume features a sequin halter top, pants, sequin horns, tail and gloves.

Girls Devil Darling Costume

Price: $21.97

You've known since she was a toddler that she was a little devil and know she wants to prove it once and for all by wearing the Girl's Devil Darling Costume for Halloween. The Devil Darling costume features a red dress with lacing in the front and cap sleeves. The skirt has a black mesh overlay. The dress comes with a long red devil tail, devil wings and a devil horn headband. This Devil Darling costume also comes with the most important devil prop of them all, a little pitchfork. This costume can be worn with or without tights and with any kind of black footwear.

Devilicious Child

Price: $24.97

Beware! She's the devil inside. This hot pink costume is complete with flame printed wings, marabou-trimmed top, marabou-trimmed pants with vinyl flame accents and a headband with glitter devil horns.

Girls Devilina Costume

Price: $25.97

The Girl's Devilina Costume combines a devil costume with a ballerina costume. If you're going to be a devil you should do it with poise and grace. Girl's love to spin and dance. This costume was made for prancing around, whether it be around the house or from door to door trick-or-treating. The Girl's Devilina Costume features a black and red tutu dress with sequin criss-crossing in the front and sheer puff sleeves. The tutu is made of red and black tulle and has red ribbon trim around the edge. The costume is accessorized with a devil's tail, a sequin horn head band and short black fingerless gloves with red bows on top. If you need black tights for this costume, they are sold separately.

Devil Grrrl Child Costume

Price: $31.97

You'll not only look Grrreat, but you're sure to have a devilish time in this Devil Grrrl Costume. This cost ume features a dress, devil wings, leg gings, glovettes, horns and mini pitchfork. Shoes and tail not included.

Child Devil in da Hood Costume

Price: $37.97

Oh, you little devil you! You can take the devil out of da hood, but you can't take da hood out of the devil. Our Devil in da Hood costume is hotter than hot!

Girls Gothic Rag Doll Costume

Price: $13.97

The Girl's Gothic Rag Doll Costume is the perfect outfit for little girls who are serious; serious about looking cool! The Gothic rag doll is not a typical doll costume. It cute, but is a dark, disturbed way. If your child prefers cutting her dolls' hair and removing their limbs to dressing them up for tea parties then this costume is a great choice. The Gothic Rag Doll costume comes with a black and white check dress with an attached black apron. It also comes with punk / Goth red and black striped arm warmers. Some great ways to accessorize this costume are with red tights, black Maryjanes, leather wrist cuffs and a black pigtail wig.

Gothic Vampiress Child

Price: $17.97

The Gothic Vampiress costume dress is made of real velvet. The black and red dress is enchanted with gothic flared cuffs. The dress comes with a draws tring around the chest and a velvet stand up collar.

Girls Dramarama Skelehearted Costume

Price: $21.97

Check out our punky girl's skeleton costume! Its a little bit spooky and a whole lot spunky. The Girl's Dramarama Skelehearted Costume comes with a hoodie, shirt, leggings, skirt and gloves. The hoodie features a skull design. The black top has mesh sleeves, ribs and heart shaped vertebrae. The black leggings have leg bones screen printed on them and the fingerless gloves are made to match the leggings. This costume was given an edgy twist with the addition of a cute black pleather, pleated mini with two attached pink belts. The Dramarama Skelehearted costume is for girls who love to be crazy!

Punk Skeleton Child Costume

Price: $22.97

This teenage skeleton is more menacing then she looks. The boney costume features a black shirt, gloves and pantyhose all with skeleton print. Also features a vinyl skirt, belt with attached pouch and choker.

Monster Bride Child Costume

Price: $24.97

Even monsters find true love and their soul mate. Bride costume features a dress, ruffled petticoat,hat with bow drape, and two hat bolts.

Monster Bride Child White Costume

Price: $24.97

Even monsters in white find true love and their soul mates. Our white Monster Bride costume features a dress, ruff led petticoat, hat with bow drape and two hat bolts.

Girls Royal Vampira Costume

Price: $24.97

Not all vampires are scary. Some vampires, like this one, are quite elegant. The Girls Royal Vampira Costume is a Renaissance style gown with beautiful details. The gown features an empire waist with a black skirt. The top is an elaborate mix of red with black flocking, white satin, gold trim and a stand-up vampire collar. The sleeves have puff shoulders and then are sheer from the upper arm to wrist. The front of the dress has a red jewel. You can make this costume more vampire like with makeup and teeth and more royal with a gothic style crown.

Girls Gothic Ballerina Costume

Price: $26.97

The Girl's Gothic Ballerina Costume is a funky black and white dress with lots of punk Goth details. The dress is black and white, featuring a black tulle top and petticoat with a white satin dress that has a sheer white overlay. The black shoulder straps have silver buckles. The costume also comes with matching black tulle and ribbon sleevelets and a Goth black tiara. You can accessorize this costume with a variety of items such as fishnet stocking, boots, mesh glovelettes, and punk bracelets. Have a super Goth Halloween while still looking as pretty as can be.

Midnight Fairy Child Costume

Price: $27.97

A mythical creature that has been transcended through time into many different forms, what special power will your fairy have? Costume features a sleeveless dress, belt, shoulder tatters, tattered apron, wings and wand.

Girls Vampira Costume

Price: $28.97

Our girl's vampire costume has a bit of everything. It has glamour, frightfulness and elegance. It is a pint sized version of the adult Vampira Costume. It features a red and black full length dress of satin, fabric and lace. The sleeves and hem are just slightly tattered because the vampira has been roaming the earth every night for the past 200 years. The dress comes with a choker that has an attached collar. You can accessorize this costume with vampira makeup sold separately.

Girls Vampira Costume

Price: $31.97

A Vampira is sure to be a character that you can really sink your teeth into and boy do we have the perfect costume to fill the bill.

Gothic Bride Child Costume

Price: $31.97

In true Gothic style, this all black bride is ready to say I do. Costume features a full-length dress with attached corset, headpiece with half veil and sheer gloves.

Graveyard Fairy Child Costume

Price: $33.97

A keeper of the graveyard, this fairy has a wickedside to her. The Graveyard Fairy costume features a pink and black dress with detachable sheer wings, lace-up bodice and striped glovettes.

Skull Fairy Child Costume

Price: $35.97

This fairy is not up to anything good, but she is up for a little skullduggery. The Skull Fairy costume includes a dress, large tattered wings, arm warmers with skull and bow decoration, leggings and a skull and bow headband.

Girls Deluxe Scarlet Vamptessa Costume

Price: $35.97

A female vampire is a character that you will really be able to sink your teeth into. Our beautiful Scarlet Vamptessa costume will allow you to that with great style.

Child Skull Face Costume

Price: $35.97

No bones about it, our Skull Face Costume is great! It's a little scary, a little sassy and lot of fun.

Girls Deluxe Transylvanian Vampiress Costume

Price: $36.97

The Girl's Transylvanian Vampiress costume is a fancy Gothic Vampire dress with satin, glitter and lace. The dress is black satin and lace on the outside and has an underskirt of red glitter and a red satin and lace petticoat. The dress also features a high vampire collar. The Deluxe Transylvanian Vampiress Costume comes with the choker and tiara shown in the image. This deluxe costume can be made into a supreme costume by adding a wig, tights and shoes.

Girls Love At First Bite Costume

Price: $48.97

Here's a sassy costume for a tween girl looking for something her big sister would think is cool. And as far as pre teen vampires are concerned this is a really great outfit. The Girl's Love At First Bite Costume features and burgundy and black dress. The top of the dress is burgundy in the front and black on the sides. It has a sheer black cover on the chest that leads to a choker halter. The skirt of the dress has burgundy and black tattered pleats. There is a drape of chain trim in the front for extra flare. To be a vampire who can fly you'll have to wear the bat-like wings which are included with your costume. You can accessorize your costume with fun accessories like the vampire wig, coffin purse and vampire make-up kit we have picked especially for this costume. You can see them in detail on the right.

Elite Gothic Vampira Child Costume

Price: $59.97

A Gothic Vampira is a character that you will really be able to sink your teeth into. Our Elite Gothic Vampira Costume features a full-length lace-trimmed panne and shimmer satin gown, jeweled choker and tulle / lace petticoat.