Halloween Zombie Makeup Kit

There's nothing quite like improving any good Halloween costume with some really authentic looking scary zombie makeup. Not any old makeup will do if you want to get really good looking results that even close up look like they are real.

To get this effect, you need to get hold of some authentic stage makeup used for creting scary effects like scars, contusions, open wounds, black eyes etc and you can readily buy a good quality Halloween makeup kit online.

Here is an example of what is available and to save you looking around to make your life that bit easier, we've included a link to Amazon wgere you can buy it for real at a greatly discounted price in time for this year's celebrations.

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Halloween Zombie Makeup Kit

This particular kit gives you Hollywood quality components and step-by-step directions on how to use the makeup to its best effect. You can create realistic looking bruises, contusions, lacerations, burns, open wounds, gashes, dead skin and abrasions.

For Halloween parties, clowning around and masquerading as something scary, this kit is the tops. These cool zombie and vampire makeup options are really simple to apply, blend and afterward, remove. The components are all high quality and the detailed directions are there to help everyone from novice to experienced artist to achieve some really delightful, (or not so delightful, depending upon your viewpoint!) colorful and even frightening effects.

Kits are great for creating scary zombie effects, mortifying and masquerade. There is an ample supply of makeup in each kit that will easily last through several applications and this also makes it great for makeup classes, stage rehearsals or productions.

Simply click the image to visit the sale page at Amazon to get all the details and discounted price.

The components include:

  • 61 pieces scars, zombie scar tattoos and different Halloween makeup
  • 5 large color sheets
  • 6 small color sheets

The kit provides removable Halloween zombie tattoos of fake blood, fake scars and cuts, vampire blood makeup and the zombie makeup kit. Compared to liquid latex makeup, this HanPure zombie makeup kit tattoos create a very realistic look. There are scars to apply and are easy to apply and remove. They're sweatproof and waterproof and hold well onto the skin. This could be the absolute best solution for creating a zombie look for Halloween!

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