Witch Niche

Hello and welcome to Witch Niche. This specially themed website is dedicated to bringing you information, resources and interesting articles concerning witch craft and related topics. witch niche

It also contains a collection of simple witch spells that you can do at home for a number of different things along with related topics such as Halloween and other important dates on the Wiccan calender, pagan holidays and celebrations, arts and crafts and just about anything else that you might be interested in.

Witchcraft Myths and Mysteries

There is a lot of mystery and myth that surrounds the modern day version of witchcraft, most of which has been created by the fertile minds of hollywood's scriptwriters. The facts are much more down to earth, literally!

Witchcraft as many know and understand it is really no more sinister than your local horticultural club, it being the equivalent of a religion, to give it its proper name: Wicca.

Wicca as a faith pre-dates Christianity by many centuries, it being the original pagan faith of worshiping the earth which gives us life and the elements that create the circumstances by which plants and animals thrive and provide us with the means to feed ourselves, clothe ourselves, provides us with shelter and the natural criteria by which we can reproduce and raise our children.

Media, Movies and Misunderstanding

This is a far cry from the movie industry's portrayal of witchcraft as akin to occultism and devil worship. Nothing could be further than the truth. It is natural to fear what we do not understand.

Wicca has been misunderstood by many throughout history and in darker times, the practitioners of so-called witchcraft, who were often nothing more than herbalists and protectors of the land, were hunted down, tortured and murdered by an ignorant crowd mentality who had forsaken the laws of nature and replaced them with the laws of man in the name of religion.

This website has no interest whatsoever in the arguments over whether one religion is better than another. Such arguments have been the cause of more human death and misery through warfare and terrorism throughout our history than any other single factor.

Our only interest is in informing and educating about the ways in which we can give thanks to the Earth that we live on and that provides us with our every need through Mother Nature and the Wiccan beliefs that work with her and not against her.