Mens Gothic Vampire Halloween Costumes

Halloween is coming and it will be better this year than ever! You simply can't go wrong with these great mens gothic vampire Halloween costumes for the fancy dress party that you're sure to be going to. Well, you want ot not just look great, but be the center of attention and you certainly cane with this great resource right here. So if you want that certain look then check out these cool vampire Halloween costumes that you can get online at discounted prices. You'll find they are sourced from a well established and respected online vendor that specializes in high quality Halloween costumes and accessories.

45 Inch Adult Black Satin Cape

Price: $8.97

This 45 inch black satin cape comes with a collar with a Velcro closure. A great accessory for your Gothic or Vampire costume or kit.

Full Length Black Fabric Cape Adult Cost

Price: $14.97

This full-length black fabric cape is made of 100% polyester and features a foam-filled stand-up collar and ties around the neck. The cape comes in either red or black.

Hooded Velvet Black Cape Adult Costume

Price: $26.97

This 63 Black Gothic Hooded Cloak is an extra full cut hooded cape with a collar and is made of real crushed velvet fabric.

63 inch Leather Look Cape Adult Costume

Price: $31.97

This 63 in. Leather Look Cape is made of a leather look black vinyl fabric and features a 9 inch stand up collar and clasp. It will absolutely enhance any outfit you choose to go scaring your friends with this year!

Edwardian Spectre Adult Costume

Price: $35.97

You can be the most dashing zombie at the party when you choose this Edwardian Spectre costume to wear. Not only is it effectively creepy, but it shows off some of the best fashions of that time period. This ghoulish get-up starts with a tattered-looking jacket that has tears on the arms and front part of the jacket to add some emphasis. The front is styled with gold military-inspired accents and buttons against a faux-leather placket. The faux-leather makes another appearance at the cuffs of the jacket from which more tattered pieces of fabric are showing. The main piece is accented by a cravat to be worn at the neck as well as an additional scarf to really add to the Edwardian emphasis and time of this piece. Finally the costume is finished with a tattered and worn-looking top hat with a thick black band that matches the rest of the costume seamlessly.

Mens Prince of Darkness Costume

Price: $35.97

As day turns to night and the bats rise from their slumber so does the vampire. When the moon is high he rises to fly with the bats in search of prey. The Men's Prince of Darkness costume demonstrates the vampire's power over bats with the bat motif on the vest. The costume features the vest with attached long satin sleeves, a dickey with an attached Cravat and a black cape with an attached collar. The cape is red on the inside and black on the outside. To complete the ensemble include the medallion and chain too. Accessorize your costume with vampire makeup and teeth, sold separately. To make this a couple's costume you can buy the matching Women's Queen of Nightfall costume here.

Mens Deluxe Vampire Be Slayed Costume

Price: $36.97

You are one of the less fortunate vampires who met their fate. You have been slayed by the Vampire Slayer who has driven a stake through your heart. But is wasn't without a fight. Your cape and clothes have been torn to shreds in a heated battle. Unfortunately, you lost! The Men's Deluxe Vampire Be Slayed Cosume features a torn vampire cape with tattered edges, A shirt/vest combo and as ascot. But the main feature of this costume is the realistic looking wooden stake which is made of vinyl and is attached to the vest. The stake is covered in blood and the vest has blood dripping down the front. For added realism you can purchase one of our vampire makeup kits complete with fake blood to take this costume to the next level. The pants are not included.

Mens Very Cool Vampire Costume

Price: $38.97

You'll look suave, debonniare, seductive and so wickedly cool in this Very Cool Vampire Costume. Its one to wear to the Halloween party to set you apart from the rest while turning heads in your direction!

Skull & Cross Bones Sport Jacket Adult Costume

Price: $38.97

Make no bones about it, this is one very cool looking jacket! Our Skull & Cross Bones Sport Jacket features a black jacket with a Skull and Cross Bones Pattern in White that will turn you into the talk of the party or wherever else you may decide to wear it.

Mens Transylvanian Vampire Costume

Price: $39.97

If you want a tradition vampire costume with drama and style you will find a perfect choice in the Men's Transylvania Vampire Costume. This is a deluxe theatrical quality costume to wear to a Halloween party or for performing at a haunted house or horror production. The costume features a long black cape that is black on the outside and red on the inside. The cape clips on with a fancy gold chain. The costume also includes a dramatic red and black vest with an attached shirt and gold vampire medallion. The pants are not included. To make this costume as theatrical as possible we offer a variety of vampire makeup kits, vampire wigs, teeth and other vampire accessories available at Costume Discounters.

Mens Fang Bangin Fun Vampire Costume

Price: $42.97

You already know that no one can resist your killer smile, but our Fang Bangin' Fun Vampire Costume will certainly allow you to show off your good taste.

Gothic Count Adult Costume

Price: $44.97

A stalker of the night, this Gothic Count has no mercy nor prejudice towards his prey. Intimidating and evil, this costume features a full-length hooded velveteen robe with red lining, ornate detail trim and unique medallion clasp.

Victorian Vampire Adult Costume

Price: $44.97

He's a ruler of the night and an immortal blood luster. Costume features a vest with attached sleeves, chain trim, dickey with attached cravatte and cape.

Adult Midnight Vampire Costume

Price: $49.97

You'll look amazing and scary when you appear in this spectacular Adult Midnight Vampire Costume. It's a true afterlife look that consists of a cape, black and white vest with attached sleeves and jabot (add your own pants and shoes). Add a Modern Vampire Wig for Adults, some Tricolor Tri Color Palettes for Vampire Makeup for that recently deceased pallor and Fangs costume accessories (all sold separately at Costume Discounters) and it's fangs for the memories very much! This is a terrific costume for Halloween, an adult themed costume party, a fair or festival about vampires, a play or theatrical production or even a live action role playing event. Pair this with the Adult Midnight Vampiress costume and you'll be a couple to contend with amongst all the undead. Vampires are the rage right now and in this outfit, you'll be sure to have the ladies offering you their jugulars in no time.

Adult Lord Goth Costume

Price: $49.97

Our Lord Goth costume is ideal for someone who wants to bring out their dark side.

Mens Baron Von Bloodshed Costume

Price: $54.97

The Baron and Baroness Von Bloodshed are a couple who share a very special bond. Not only do they share their love but the share their love of blood. The Baron is a very handsome Baron from a wealthy British family - a family with a secret. Now you can step into the role of the handsome, wealthy vampire baron and walk among the living on Halloween night. The Men's Baron Von Bloodshed Costume features a leather look vest that laces up the front and a matching full length jacket with the same style lacing on the sleeves. We recommend black pants and shoes with this costume. You can take this deluxe costume to the next level with vampire make and teeth, sold separately.

Mens Graveyard Goth Costume

Price: $64.97

The Men's Graveyard Goth costume is a spooky old-world style undertakers coat. You can picture a man in this jacket as he wandered the graveyard, checking the graves and looking for lost souls. He is the man who lurks in the shadows. His is a man to be feared. The Graveyard Goth coat is midnight black and has a high satin collar and a built-in cape. The coat features seven gothic style buttons in the front and three on each cuff. The jacket can be accessorized with a variety of hats, gothic jewelry and make-up.

Vampire Premier Adult Costume

Price: $69.97

Sink your teeth into this one! You'll be the Prince of Darkness, the Count of Creepiness, the Lord of the Undead when you wear this Adult Premier Vampire Costume. Dare to dress on the darker side when you wear this costume featuring a long walking coat with attached shoulder cape and shirt sleeves with lace trimmed cuffs, a jabot style dickey collar with ruffled lace trim, and an attached medallion. Available in medium, large, and extra large. You'll be quite the handsome demon in this theatrical quality garb, but it can only get better if you add some hot accessories like Fangs Costume Accessory, White Gloves with snaps, Tri-color Palette Vampire Make-up and a Modern Vampire wig for adults (all sold separately elsewhere at Costume Discounters) This costume is great for Halloween, adult themed parties, stage productions, fairs, or festivals.

Premier Classic Vampire Adult Costume

Price: $79.97

You'll have to stay away from the garlic dip, and don't forget to wear your gloves when you handle the silverware, but other than that you'll be the hit of the evening when you appear in this Premier Classic Vampire Adult Costume. It features a satin cape, vest with attached shirt sleeves and a lace jabot and medalllion. You need to add the pants and shoes. Also consider adding Fangs Costume Accessory, Vampire Makeup, White Gloves with Snaps and Modern Vampire Wig for Adults. (all sold separately elsewhere at Costume Discounters) Vampires brought terror from time immemorial - after all, they want to drink your blood, but somehow they are also considered sexy, immortal and really hot. All the ladies will be offering you their jugulars for a quick nip when you show up at your Halloween, adult themed party or even live action role playing game, dressed to kill in this Premier Classice Vampire costume.

Gothic Vampire Elite Adult Costume

Price: $136.97

Being a vampire is one of the coolest things ever these days! Mysterious, dark, foreboding, dangerous are just a few of the adjectives that will be used to describe you when you show up in this Gothic Vampire Elite Adult Costume. You'll be all ready to be interviewed when you wear this costume featuring a velvet vest with attached shirt sleeves and scarf collar, full length lined satin cape, white gloves and medallion on ribbon. It comes in men's sizes medium (38-40), large (42-44) and x-large (46-48). Add some black pants and our cool vampire accessories and you'll be ready to dance macabre all night long! Add some Fangtastics Carded or Fangs Costume Accessory, Trip Color Palettes for Vampire Makeup or Count Makeup Kit Accessory for Costume and some Gels (blood red or scar colored) for those fetching teeth marks (all sold separately elsewhere at Costume Discounters) This is a wonderful Halloween costume, perfect for parties or just going out with the kids to trick or treat.

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