Simple Spell Casting System

If you wanted a simple system for casting powerful spells, I'm going to let you in on a secret that few know about that amplifies any spells you cast.

That's right! You can really boost the power of any spells that you want to use by knowing about three easy, yet little known processes that we all possess but because most don't know about them, they never use.

simple spell castingConsequently, the spells most people go to all the trouble of preparing and casting will rarely make any big waves because they simply do not know how to increase their power to the point where they not only work, but work extremely well!

The Power Within Us All

The almost unbelievable fact about this incredible power is that everyone has it within themselves. Yet without the knowledge that they even exist, they are never used.

Or are they?

In actual fact, these powers are almost always used unwittingly to produce wholly negative effects that the person wielding them does not want. But they get them anyway because the power is there and it's working all the time whether we know about it or not!

Are you curious to know what that power is?

I bet you are! I was when I first heard about it, but when the big secret was imparted to me, I still didn't see or understand it, let alone acknowledge it could even be called a "power" of any kind.

You may be sceptical too, but that's all right. It's good to question things we don't understand, because that's how we learn things.

A Secret Hidden in Plain Sight

The truth of the matter is that the energy we all have within ourselves, our minds and our spirits is essentially the same thing in its most basic form. You are probably already fully aware that everything that exists (known to humankind) is simply energy and that basic building block of the universe makes up everything we see, hear and otherwise sense.

But did you know that not only is everything we are aware of made of energy but our very thoughts and mental processes are similarly that same basic thing: energy?

When you get your understanding on that point, the revelation becomes huge.

casting simple spellsBecause it means that not only are we all connected on the most basic level, but because we have the ability to direct our thoughts, we actually hold the power to manipulate the energy we radiate out of ourselves that has an effect on everything around us.

That includes the decisions we make, the emotions we feel, the thoughts we harbour and all our fears and faith that is determined by our state of mind.

Casting Spells to a System that Works

Maybe you've tried your hand at spell casting and had lacklustre results. Or maybe you wanted to try them but you just couldn't bring yourself to have faith in your ability to make them work for you.

I suffered all those doubts and fears just like most people. I often wouldn't go ahead and try things because I just couldn't see (on a logical plane) how they could possibly work. I was going at it all wrong, of course.

When it dawned on me that I held the key in my own mind to the potential that has been sitting there waiting to be used in all its astonishing glory, I lost the fear, the doubt and the worry that it wouldn't work and changed all that into a definite form of faith that it would work.

And you know what? Everything changed. Spells started to work and I could see solid, physical results where before I only ever saw failure.

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